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Even the best bicycle needs some TLC and maintenance by an experienced Bike mechanic now and then.
In our fully equipped Pro Workshop we gladly perform small and large repairs.
To avoid long waiting periods please contact us in advance to schedule an appointment (+41 61 361 40 74 or so you can pick up your bike at the end of the day or the following day the latest.
For bigger repairs we will make you a detailed estimate, so you know what expenses to expect.

We can arrange for a replacement bike while your bike is at our shop, chf 10:00 a day or a e-bike chf 25.00 a day.

As replacement bike availability is limited, please schedule ahead of time.
Remember: a well maintained bicycle runs better, safer … and much longer!


The "small service" for CHF 69.00
consists of the following, labor only (additional material cost will apply) :
- control of all screws and bearings
- correct setting and greasing of gearshift and brakes
- centering of wheels
- control and pumping of tires
- greasing and general control of functions

The "big service" for CHF 229.00
consists of the following, labor only (additional material cost will apply):
- small service plus …
- cleaning bicycle
- replacing the chain
- disassembly, cleaning and greasing of cassette, bottom bracket and gear change
- replace all cables and cable covers
- servicing front and back hubs

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